18 signs you’ve been in the Finnish startup scene for way too long

Working in the startup scene can sometimes seem like a larger-than-life mission. But it’s not all ball pits, free snacks and changing the world. While we love the buzz and marvellous ideas startup culture generates, we think it’s about time it was deconstructed, in a fair but firmly satirical way. Read on for a very scientific expose of this wonderful world, and the signs that you’ve inhabited for way too long.

1. When you’re fed up with Finns who’ve developed a special skill for over-enthusiasm.


2. When you know too many serial entrepreneurs who are only in it for the ride.


3. When nothing stops you from doing your thing at Slush.

people walking dangerously close to old ice breaker helsinki


4. When you get tired of the company next door being featured in TechCrunch.

suomi mainittu


5. When you hear management is looking for office space in Espoo.

guy shaking head bad movie


6. When news of assignments in the new Berlin office gets you into some heavy-handed office politics.

gta san andreas mod giraffe


7. When you’ve learned not to feel relieved too early during a round of layoffs.

tv reporter vs snow plow


8. When this is all you see in the n:th virtual reality startup.

minority report solitaire silicon valley


9. When you hope there’s still something hip hidden in whatever you’re doing.

hidden turntable freiseindesign berlin


10. When you’ve learned to see the world through a project manager’s eyes.

trolli candy bird feeding men in nest


11. When, based on office banter, you know everything there’s to know about psychedelic drugs.



12. When you’re no longer bothering to look impressed around talks of absurd IPO valuations.

christian bale and kermit nodding


13. When you forget there are offices where everyone doesn’t use Macs.

windows 95 boot screen


14. When you know “a few guys” who can hook you up with Tekes money.



15. When you start getting slightly preachy about salary vs work flexibility.

rat race causes


16. When you realise that the company will be going down the drain when the programmers start generating offspring and demanding work/life balance.

toddler stairs reverse


17. When this is how you see people willing to work for a crummy options program.

poodles jumping rope


18. When you no longer care about the latest and greatest in cloud and web tech.

toy racing


Did we miss some important point about Finnish startup culture? Let us know in the comments below.


Thomas NyberghThomas Nybergh is a Digital Producer and writer for Ink Tank Media. Passionate about user-centred design and culture, he’s spent a decade working at the crossroads of technology and marketing. He can be found sharing his thoughts on Twitter
Title image credit: Slush/Petri Anttila.

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