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Finn for the win! 10 Finnish companies making mobile tech magic

Right now, a lineup of Finnish companies at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is proving why Finland remains a technological superpower. While Nokia already stole the show by announcing a beautifully convincing reboot of the Volkswagen Beetle of cellphones, the 3110, there’s plenty more to get excited about. Here’s our line-up of cool companies, showcasing […]

17 Finnish startups that could rock the world in 2017

With Helsinki’s Slush having grown into a behemoth of a startup conference, Finland now has a reputation as a hub for high-tech startups and their financial backers. With great education and a pool of engineering skills still bubbling after closing of Nokia’s previous chapter in mobile, Finland produces a number of interesting tech startups as […]

Future proof: 9 reasons why Finland is the country of the future

After WWII, Finland was still a poor country, which ended up playing a pretty weird hand of cards well during the global economic boom that transformed much of the world. From education, healthcare, water and welfare, Finland has a lot of things worth saving and adapting for the future. It’s justified to argue politically about the […]

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