Very Finnish Problems Episode 3: When alcohol is an excuse to go insane

Who can name the worst Finnish booze? Helsinki resident Joel Willans reads from his upcoming book “101 Very Finnish Problems: The Foreigner’s Guide to Surviving Finland”, and spills the beans on annoying Finnish alcohol laws. Ink Tank writer Thomas Nybergh chimes in with his hazy understanding of deterministic, genetic explanations of alcoholism. Shownotes: Finnish alcohol […]

13 fantastically fun tweets that savaged Theresa May’s election disaster

Theresa May’s spectacular own goal in the June 2017 election not only showcased how badly she read the country but also the brilliance of Labours and Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal for a society that benefits the few not the many. May’s “strong and stable” leadership has now resulted in a coalition of chaos at the beck […]

#ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling: the very British response to the London terror attack

  The New York Times wrote that Britain was ”still reeling” after London’s terror attack on Saturday. Britain disagrees. This sort of hyped-up headline does the terrorists’ job for them. UK isn’t “reeling” @nytimes — Robert Harris (@Robert___Harris) June 4, 2017 In response to the hyperbolic headline, many explained that the British simply don’t […]

11 wonderful ways the internet’s destroyed Theresa May’s “strong and stable” PR spin

British Prime Minister Theresa May has now set in stone a mantra for the upcoming General Election. With the drearily predictable “strong and stable” repeated ad infinitum, May continues what comes naturally to her. That is, of course, sounding like robotic bureaucrat trying to imitate Margaret Thatcher’s airy arrogance. Happily, the Internet has done what […]

7 wonderful ways Finns are living in the future

70 years ago Finland was still something of an agrarian backwater. Fast forward to today and Finns live in one of the most futuristic societies on earth. They might not be teleporting to their summer cottages yet or clearing snow with robot servants, but here’s are 7 wonderful ways that Finns are already enjoying life […]

Ihana kesä! The history of hot Helsinki summers, in pics

Finnish summers are short and sweet, but they sure can be spectacular! It’s important to enjoy every single second of them before the long dark winter comes once again. In Finland, summer appreciation has been turned into an art form — nobody soaks up the sun like the Finns do. Need some proof? Just take […]

Very Finnish Problems Episode 2: When the summer cottage is more labour camp than holiday camp

Are Finnish summer cottages more labour camp than holiday camp? Very Finnish Problems creator, and Helsinki resident Joel Willans, discusses Finns love of forest work with Ink Tank writer Thomas Nybergh. It’s revealed that Joel doesn’t get to play with the chainsaw and that Thomas hasn’t caught a fish in his entire life. Contact: [email protected] Produced by Thomas Nybergh / Ink Tank Media […]

10 books about sport that every fan should read

As much as we know you’d like to spend every waking minute following plays and tallying points and yelling at the referee, there’s always some dead point during the weekend when there’s no sport on TV and the weather’s too poor to risk a kick-about outside – at which point, what better substitute activity than […]

Disruptive Decades: Technologies that revolutionised the 1920s

In 1928, Otto Frederick Rohwedder gave the world the invention that all future inventions would be cheekily compared to: sliced bread. His revolutionary bread-slicing machine made such an impact that it inspired the popular idiom “the best thing since sliced bread”, which we still use even today. Despite the idiom, we aren’t quite as impressed […]

10 fun facts Finns probably don’t know about Finnish Americans

Finnish Americans are a tiny portion of the American population, and yet they have made a big impact on American culture. Read on for 10 fun facts about Finnish Americans that Finns probably don’t know. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / mestos Finns first arrived in the US in 1638 as part of a Swedish colony New Sweden […]

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