British Intervention: Soundtrack your winter with these 11 British albums

If you want to survive a long northern winter then music is your best bet. Without music we would all be shells — pods — rotting in a vegetable state without a proper soundtrack. But instead of totally starving your sun-deprived brain monster, toss that jerk a little snack with these soul-piercing ensembles hailing from […]

Functional, punctual and awesome: my first 12 months in Finland

  When I was a teenager in my home country of Bangladesh the only thing I knew about Finland was that it’s the land of Nokia. After completing my bachelor’s in electronics I worked as a journalist for 3 years, I then decided to come to Finland to pursue a master’s at the University of […]

5 winter activities that won’t make you cringe – Finnish edition

  Is the impending Finnish winter already clenching tightly on what’s left of your November soul? If so then check out these 5 winter activities that won’t add more chaos to your already insane inner monologue.       1. Indoor gardening We all occasionally feel old inside, especially in winter. Now’s the time to […]

A Next Generation Finn: Hannu Huhtamo’s hand at light painting photography

With so much eye-grabbing art out there it’s difficult to find a focal point. Hannu Huhtamo’s light painting photography is an art form that provides just that — focus. Hannu is putting an interesting spin on photography by overlaying long exposure captures of light movement to beautiful still photography, and he’s using Finland as the […]

Poor Dumb Donnie: how the internet destroyed Donald Trump Junior’s twitter post about socialism

On days when he’s not killing endangered species in foreign countries for sport and making a mockery of the White House with his mere presence, Junior Jackass is posting absurdly dumb twitter posts about complex political issues he’s completely clueless about (he’s definitely his father’s son).   The internet’s response did not cease to amaze… […]

Proof in Pics: the history of 5 notorious California serial killers in photography and video

In the spirit of Halloween, a time when children gather irreversible mental damage and adults get drunk in full costume without being labeled dangerously unstable, we’ve put together a pictorial shortlist of California’s most infamous serial killers to date. These human abominations will hopefully not increase your preexisting anxiety, but will remind your dark side […]

Finnish made famous: magnificent mentions of Finland throughout Tinseltown

Blade Runner 2049 just premiered in movie theaters across the globe and caused quite a stir. Not only are longtime fans of the original Blade Runner saying it’s a remarkable rendition of an untouchable classic, but there’s also Finnish spoken in the movie! Alongside Finnish actress Krista Kosonen, 2 other actresses have claimed their moment […]

12 fantastic facts why Fun Bowling and Bar in Helsinki doesn’t suck

We all cling desperately to warmer weather and scattered sunshine, but once those notions are gone for good with the encroaching winter months, it’s beneficial to have sanctuary spots in Helsinki where you can grasp onto your remaining sanity. Fun Bowling and Bar is one of those spots, and here’s why…     1. The […]

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