SilmäasemaBoosting SEO ranking with compelling copy

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Challenge: improve SEO ranking

Silmäasema needed to boost their SEO ranking to match their leading market position. To do this, they wanted to answer the most pressing questions about eye health in an expert and interesting way.

Solution: compelling blog posts and videos

Working with Silmäasema has been the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our skills. We have crafted an extensive series of SEO-friendly blog posts and informative articles about the most popular eye health and optical fashion related topics. Besides writing the copy around the most searched-for, best-value keywords, we have ensured every article genuinely helps the customer find what they’re looking for.


As a result of our ongoing collaboration, Silmäasema now ranks top for a number of crucial keywords and has overtaken several competitors. Thanks to a constant stream of new, relevant content, the upward trend continues. What’s more, we have helped cement Silmäasema’s reputation as a reliable, approachable and visionary eye health expert.