Tekla software by TrimbleCreating awesome e-books for cutting edge B2B software


A major player like Trimble needs materials that clearly explain the value of their products to a global audience. And when the products are as complex as Tekla software, it’s no piece of cake to create content that is both knowledgeable and understandable. What’s more, the industry is currently in the midst of technological disruption, with tons of new tools and methods becoming the new standard, which means that all materials must be thoroughly researched and up-to-date.


To help those in the construction industry stay tuned into the complexities of modern construction, Tekla brand is dedicated to creating informational content that clearly explains the benefits of their tools. With additional focus on the industry in flux, Tekla’s content is a great example of valuable thought leadership. At Ink Tank, we delved deeply into the complicated world of structural steel, construction, and BIM so that we can help create materials that both explain and inspire. These include everything from in-depth ebooks to white papers and reference cases.


Thanks to Tekla’s dedication to informational materials, clients and industry insiders around the world have access to valuable insights into the benefits of BIM technology in an industry undergoing a revolution. The materials we have created help to make a complex topic more accessible, while still upholding Tekla’s high standards for accurate information.