WhimCreating a brand for a revolutionary app

Whim, launched in 2016 by MaaS Global, brings a variety of transportation options together in one app-driven service. Based on the idea of “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS), Whim is set to revolutionise how we travel. Trains, buses, taxis, rental cars, and even bicycles are all available with a single tap of the app, and a single monthly payment.


MaaS Global enlisted us to take the Whim concept to the next level. We were not only challenged to help come up with the name, but to fine-tune the Whim brand and identity, too. They also asked us to promote the benefits of their amazing service to consumers, industry insiders, and investors – in Finland and internationally.



We started by creating copy for the app and its English and Finnish website, as well as a script for a video that showcases how the unique Whim service works. After that, we were able to start sharing the Whim story. We did this in a number of different ways, from blog posts to concept videos, articles, press releases, and presentations.



Whim has now expanded beyond Helsinki to several international cities. The app has garnered numerous awards, including the coveted Design from Finland mark. As for getting the Whim word out there, we must say things have gone quite well – just have a look at these articles from The New York Times and The Economist!

What they said

Ink Tank Media did a great job helping us get Whim off the ground. Their expertise in copywriting, content strategy, concepting and social media made a huge difference. Throughly recommended.

Kaj Pyyhtiä Co-Founder, Chief Customer Experience Officer

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