Visit TampereBigging up Finland’s 2nd biggest city

Visit Tampere is the city’s official tourism guide. The site inspires and educates tourists by providing useful information about all the wonderful things visitors can see and do while there


Visit Tampere wanted to bring more attention to a few of Tampere’s key draws: its proximity to the great outdoors and its unique sauna culture. They also wanted to focus on social media, and expand their reach on Facebook and Twitter to engage a wider audience.



Because of Tampere’s close relationship with sauna — it is home to Finland’s oldest public sauna, after all — we decided to frame Tampere as the “Sauna Capital of the World.” We created a video series for social media to emphasize this, along with the nearby wilderness and lakes. We then made sure that it got to the right audience by strategically posting on Very Finnish Problems and Twitter.



The audience loved it! With our help, Visit Tampere’s social media statistics skyrocketed. On Facebook, the three videos combined reached 650.000 people with over 441.000 views, it reached 300.000 people with 32.000 views on Twitter. What’s more, over 1.300 social media users shared them on their own pages.