Very Finnish ProblemsBuilding a viral social media brand for fans of Finland

Very Finnish Problems is Finland's most popular viral brand. Now present on 5 different social channels, it shares memes, images, videos, and stories, from the fantastically funny to the intriguingly educational, with one thing in common: they’re all about Finland.


We wanted an opportunity to practice what we preach. So, the challenge was simple: Could we create a social media brand about Finland, grow it, and maintain its popularity?



Our Creative Director and Co-founder, Joel Willans, used his unique social media experience and methodology to create a Facebook page that within a month had over 15 000 fans. By finding relevant audiences across different social platforms, he was able to build the community through organic shares and engagement and a continual refinement of content. This combination of creativity and data analysis had a dramatic effect.



With nearly 300 000 followers, Very Finnish Problems now reaches an average of 10 million people, worldwide, every month making it Finland’s most successful viral brand. We’re now able to experiment with engagement and posts, get to know our audiences better, and dig deeper than ever into what truly works. What’s more, Very Finnish Problems has now expanded beyond social. Last year, Joel’s book 101 Very Finnish Problems was a best-seller and his podcast topped Finnish podcast charts.

What they said

"Look at these numbers and be amazed...Very Finnish Problems caught my eye last year because it generates huge engagement showcasing beating practically any Finnish rivals. And more importantly, the growth is organic."

Kalle Pirhonen Yle Audience Editor

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