The Microsoft Devices blogManaging a community and creating compelling content

Microsoft is the world’s largest software company. In 2014, it bought the Devices Division of Nokia and also became a major hardware player.


Nokia had an incredibly loyal following and tens of millions of fans across the globe. Microsoft’s challenge was to maintain and grow this passionate community while encouraging them to be advocates for the Windows Phone brand.


Building on years of experience of community management, we helped rebrand the new Microsoft Devices blog. This involved creating a unique series of stories, which celebrated passionate Lumia users in new and exciting ways.


The blog proved invaluable in helping transform a passionate community of Nokia fans into a passionate community of Windows Phone fans. Our stories were shared more than ever before, read more than ever before and commented on more than ever before.

What they said

After signing up Ink Tank Media to help run our blogs the site traffic and engagement increased manifold. The team created enticing content to reach our target audience and also actively found ways to promote stories and bring new eyeballs to our site. Naturally curious and able to find unique perspectives on the simplest topics, Ink Tank Media’s content marketing pros bubbled with ideas. For any company that needs an inspiring, innovative content marketing agency, Ink Tank Media should be top of your list.

Malathy Eskola CMO Lead, Microsoft Devices Group