The Finnish National Opera and BalletReaching a wider audience with English transcreation

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Finland’s only professional opera company, opened its doors in 1911. Since then, it has thrilled audiences with opera and ballet performances ranging from beloved classics to modern productions.


Because it draws audiences from all over the world, the FNOB needed to ensure that it can reach as many people as possible with information in English. This not only requires in-depth knowledge of musical terminology, but the know-how to accurately capture the poetic beauty of song and dance.



Working with the FNOB is the perfect opportunity to let our transcreation skills shine. We create English-language versions of the original Finnish-language texts, such as website copy, seasonal brochures, programme leaflets, and video subtitles, that gracefully convey the company’s passion for the arts.



Our work with the FNOB has resulted in an ongoing partnership in which everyone involved is happy – especially the audience!

What they said

”Ink Tank Media's fluent, fun and clever translations get the audience excited about our performances, even those who've never been to the opera or ballet before. ”

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