SupercellHelping newcomers navigate Helsinki life

As one of the world’s top mobile game development companies, Supercell hires the best of the best. Recruits from all over the globe come to Helsinki to start working on the most-loved mobile games – and naturally, Supercell wants to ensure that their transition to Finnish life is as smooth and seamless as possible.


Moving to a new city or country is exciting, but it often involves challenges and confusion too. Supercell wanted to prevent this, so its new recruits could make the most of Helsinki and Finland straight away.



Using their unique combination of research and personal experience, Ink Tank Media’s multicultural team created the Living in Finland Guide and Apartment Guide. While educating readers about everything from parental leaves to communal saunas, the guides also introduce them to Supercell’s glorious gang of game characters.



Thanks to the guides, Supercell employees can safely navigate their everyday life and survive the quirks of Finnish culture. With less time spent wondering about winter wear and where to buy dinner, they can focus on what they do best – creating awesome games that the world loves to play.

What they said

"It's perfect, I love it. I feel like Ink Tank Media has taken onboard everything we have established together and really know our preferred style."

Melanie Dower Relocation & Onboarding