Nokia ConversationsCreating a successful content strategy

In 2012, Nokia was the largest manufacturer of mobile devices in the world and had an incredibly dedicated fan base of both users and bloggers. This community, however, needed support to maintain its enthusiasm and to keep growing.


Nokia wanted to maintain and develop this community into a powerful group of advocates for their devices. They needed to do this by both celebrating technology and the people who used it creatively. Yet at the same time were looking to reach new people who weren’t using Nokia smartphones.


We worked with Nokia to relaunch the Connects blog in a way that would appeal to both their core audience and people totally unfamiliar with the company and its products. To do this, we created stories that, although technology flavoured, had a far wider appeal. We then promoted it in ways and on channels Nokia had never used before.


The site’s unique visits more than doubled, from 90 thousand a month to 250 thousand a month. What’s more, many of these new visitors came from the US, a key market in which Nokia was eager to make an impact. In fact, the site was so successful that it was eventually given its own section on Nokia Conversations, helping to make it one of the world’s top five most-read corporate blogs.    

What they said

I have had the pleasure of working with Ink Tank Media on the Nokia blogs. The Ink Tank Media team are highly talented and passionate writers, who have the ability to truly engage your readers. They succeeded in creating excellent readership figures throughout our project. If you need smart writers with insight into digital media, I can warmly recommend Ink Tank Media.

Mari Markkanen Marketing Manager