MiradoreCrafting a winning in-bound B2B content marketing strategy

Originally a spin-off from forward-thinking paper giant UPM Kymmene, Miradore now provides software and services that helps IT managers in the Nordics and all over the world automate, update and secure deployments of PCs and servers. The company’s latest service is in the emerging field of Mobile Device Management, which helps companies own and automate mobile devices with cloud-based ease of use.


As Miradore approached the year leading up to its tenth anniversary, the company needed a way to step beyond traditional AdWords keyword advertising to engage, entertain, grow and retain its user base and audience of IT professionals and managers. The entire IT world is shifting to variations of cloud services, from infrastructure built on shirink-wrapped software on in-house PCs. With a shift likewise happening towards new types of devices, Miradore needed their new Mobile Device Management solution to stand out. In the longer term, the company needs to show it has a vision of where the world is heading with the operational and security challenges of the Internet of Things.


We started working with Miradore to polish the writing on their web site with SEO goals in mind. We quickly shifted towards producing regular blog and newsletter content. We wanted to mix Miradore’s steady stream of product updates with readable, interesting and useful information for IT Managers, small business owners and interested enthusiasts to enjoy and share. Topics we’ve covered include bookmarkable lists of tech training resources, information security tips and conference talks, along with ongoing presentations of the benefits available to users of Miradore products. Further ground covered include press releases, native advertising in trade publications and customer interviews for case studies.


Miradore has continued down a path of establishing their generous freemium Mobile Device Management offering in a highly competitive industry, often citing benefits like Finnish privacy protection and approachability. We’ve helped Miradore build up entirely new audiences and convert them to customers, while helping the company’s very customer-focused support and development teams stay in touch and get feedback from the field.

What they said

Working with Ink Tank Media has been lots of fun and very successful. Ever since we started collaborating, the results have been marvelous and the traffic to our website skyrocketed almost immediately. The whole team get a very big double thumbs up from me!

Simo Kari Chief Content Officer

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