5 qualities to look for in an English copywriter

For Finnish businesses to flourish in a global market, it’s more important than ever to make use of native English copywriters. But what skills should companies look for when looking for a copywriter to create their English content? We’ve got nearly 20 years experience working with the best English copywriters in Finland. This is what we’ve learnt. 

1. They need to be natives 

It’s often said that, no matter how many languages you speak, your native tongue will always your “heart language”- the language you use to express deep emotions and creative ideas. That’s why here at Ink Tank Media, we’ve always worked with a trusted network of native English copywriters. In fact, we have two on our team. It’s this expertise, which has enabled us to creative content – in our heart language – for companies as diverse as Microsoft, L’Oreal, Supercell, Reima, Kämp Collection Hotels, the European Parliament, Rovio and Fiskars.   

2. They need to know Finland 

Ideally, copywriters who create content for Finnish and English speaking clients should have a deep understanding of both Nordic and Anglo culture. Consequently, if you’re looking for a copywriter to help you take your brand global, then check out what they know about their audience, and what they have done for previous clients. Can they relate to a multinational audience with colloquial language and pop culture references? Do they manage social media channels for local and international brands? If so, they have the tools to do wonders for your brand.  

3. They need to know Finnish company culture 

Many Finnish companies rely on English speaking copywriters to appeal to international audiences, and to represent their much-loved and culturally-important brands. So an agency that’s worked with a diverse range of Finnish companies has likely been selected for its professionalism, cultural awareness as well as its creativity.  


4. They should have glowing references 

Words speak for themselves. Clients who have received exceptional service are often more than happy to give an English copywriter a glowing recommendation, especially if their work has helped their business flourish and prosper. Recommendations are a badge of honour for most copywriters, so they put them on their website with pride. If you see a list of impressive case studies and client quotes on a content marketing agency’s website, you can guarantee they’re doing things right.  

5. They should be experienced and versatile 

Copywriting  is much more than slogans, blog posts and web content. Many English copywriters also produce film scripts, podcasts, social media copy, packaging, product naming, newsletters, and even books. What’s more, if you find an English copywriter who can promote your business via a wide range of channels, then you know you’ve struck gold. 

Effective English copywriting is essential to every Finnish company’s trying to go global. Get it wrong, and your business will suffer. Get it right, and your business can boom. Happily, when it comes to hiring an English copywriter, following these top tips will ensure success.

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