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14 reasons why Helsinki’s Flow Festival is terrible and must be avoided

Helsinki based Flow Festival has established itself as one of Europe’s most praised music festivals. With ringing endorsements from publications like The Guardian and The Consequence of Sound, you’d think Flow would be one of those experiences you should try and have. None of the above is true,. Flow Festival 2017 (August 11-13) is terrible […]

The internet created books to teach kids about Brexit. The results are priceless.

The Poke, one of the UK’s funniest satirical websites, asked Twitter for Brexit themed children’s books to help with the task of explaining Britain’s slow motion suicide to kids. Needless to say, the internet delivered in fine style. #BrexitChildrensBooks @ThePoke pic.twitter.com/6e2jflOV3C — Graham Tope (@monkey_wrangler) January 18, 2017 A Bloody Immigrant Called Paddington #BrexitChildrensBooks @ThePoke […]

Revealed: The 9 levels of Leaver expectations about Brexit

As the idiocy of Brexit grows ever clearer by the day, it seems that the expectations of Leavers grow ever more diminished. Inspired by a fantastically fun tweet by David Schneider, we’ve detailed how reality is making their Brexit utopia bleaker and bleaker. Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, sanity prevails before level 6. Level 1 […]

Yellow brick worm: the internet stunned by child’s minimalist Lego art

Last weekend, Helsinki based writer and Ink Tank head honcho Joel Willans tweeted a picture of an 12-year-old’s ingenious minimalist masterpiece. The photo, which originates from Reddit, was shot in a mall in Massachusets. That is, according to the contributing redditor, itcamefromebeneath. Other kids at the Lego stand created relatively intricate blocky abstractions of real-world […]

Everyday life in the capital: 19th century Helsinki, in pics

Helsinki experienced massive growth after it became Finland’s capital in 1812. As the new economic and cultural center, its population exploded, architecture grew quickly, and technology flourished. But what did it look like? Let’s take a stroll through 19th century Helsinki, courtesy of the Helsinki City Museum’s vast database of photos from the late 1800s. […]

8 things a Finn should, and should never say abroad

We’ve all had these moments, “what, did I say something wrong?”. It could have been something really innocent that is downright disgusting for someone else, but it also could have been something you didn´t say. A couple of pointers for your travels. Things you should say: 1. Please. We are kind of like Klingons here. […]

Testing twitter embeds

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Chlorine Chicken: parody ad highlights Liam Fox’s food safety indifference

Thanks to the less than strong and stable negotiation position of International Trade Secretary Liam Fox (Conservative), the UK could face lower food standards post-Brexit.     As the UK prepares for stumbles towards an existence outside the EU regulation and partnerships, shoppers will have to prepare for GMO crops and hormone fed meat flooding […]

Fake Article 50 signs: How 16 Twitter users took down Nigel Farage’s BS

Nigel Farage is no stranger to playing loose and fast with the truth. Just recently, Mr. Farage held up a sign with what he claims is a quote from the EU article 50 in LBC’s radio studio. The sign says “The rights and obligations deriving from the Treaties would therefore extinguish.”     In fact, […]