5 reasons why tone of voice is crucial for your company

If you work at a startup or in marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase tone of voice before. But why does it matter? Read on to find out why tone of voice is an important part of your company strategy and how exactly it can benefit your business.

1. It makes your company human

Tone of voice isn’t what you say but how you say it. Think of it like your brand’s personality—your content is the message you want to convey, while tone of voice is the way you convey it. For example, take two hypothetical brands: one bold and thought-provoking, and one professional and helpful. These two brands might need to convey the same message to their customers, but they most certainly will do so in very different ways. Tone of voice is what breathes life into a brand and humanizes it, so that each brand can have their say in their own way.


2. It builds a trusting relationship with customers

Whatever the tone that best fits your brand’s personality, using it right will help customers relate to your brand on a more personal level, resulting in better engagement. Why? People form emotional bonds with brands that have a well-developed tone of voice because they’re easily recognizable and feel more relatable. We all like familiarity, and familiarity is part of what builds a trusting relationship.


3. It sets you apart from your competitors

Because a clear, easily recognizable tone of voice carves out your brand’s unique personality, it automatically helps to set you apart from your competitors. When customers are faced with a constant barrage of marketing from tons of brands, they’re more likely to opt for whichever brand is most memorable and relatable. This doesn’t mean your tone needs to be flashy and splashy—it just means it should be consistent and organically “you”.


4. It can be used to influence

If you use your tone well, people will want to hear what your brand has to say. A well-developed tone of voice shows you have confidence in what you’re saying, which in turn suggests that what you’re saying has value. What’s more, your tone of voice leaves a lasting emotional impression on your customers. By choosing the tone of what you say carefully, you can be persuasive without being overly blatant.


5. It can tell the world who you are

At its core, what values does your company stand for? What kind of message do you want to share with the world? Tone of voice is what delivers your brand’s messages, goals and motives, in every word of every piece of content you put out there—usually without ever saying it outright. It impacts and guides all of your written copy, from website copy to social media messages, transactional emails to blog posts. And consequently, it’s one of the single most powerful ways to tell the world who you are and what you stand for.


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